Technical Information

Common Roof Shapes


Trusses are designed in accordance with the current Code of Practice, which is BS 5268: Part 3, and the relevant Building Regulations.



Trusses are usually spaced at 600mm, but can also be positioned at 450mm or 400mm to support heavier loads.



Standard trusses can be designed up to 11 metres in 35mm timber, and 16 metres in 47mm timber. Spans in excess of these can be designed but are often supplied as multiple trusses fixed together.



We use timber which is kiln dried and strength graded, and which complies with current European and British Standards.



It is more economical to standardise the range of pitches between 15 & 40 degrees, however, trusses may be supplied outside this range. Care should be taken when specifying because deflection problems may arise with e.g. Very shallow pitches.



Trusses may be treated in-house using waterbased preservative fluid. Copper Chrome Arsenate and similar treatments, are not recommended.


Eaves Overhangs

Any overhang can be supplied to suit the customer's requirements. NB, Very large overhangs may cause the trusses to be uneconomical.

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